About Michael Sheehy

Representative Michael Sheehy grew up in East Toledo, the ninth of twelve children born to John and Martha Sheehy. Brought up in a large family, he learned early the difference between wants and needs. When he complained to his parents that he didn’t have something “everyone else had”, his father took Mike with him to deliver food and clothing to a nearby family who had far less that his own family had.

Mowing lawns, shoveling snow and a paper route were his first jobs. During high school Mike was a Junior Class President and President of School Council as a Senior. After high school, Mike attended the University of Toledo. He worked for the City of Toledo and then the B & O Railroad [now CSX] to pay for his college education. During college Mike was a collegiate wrestler and part of the student government.  He was also a member of the Student Senate in 1968 and Student President of Arts and Sciences College in 1969. He started to volunteer for various candidates, including Hubert Humphrey and John Gilligan.

After earning his BA in Political Science, he entered the U.S. Army as a Second Lieutenant during the Vietnam War. Upon completion of his Army service, he returned to Toledo and work on the railroad.

Early in 1976, Mike met his future wife, Sandy, at the Toledo Lucas County Library where she worked as a Librarian. They married in 1978 and together raised four children, two sons and two daughters. They are now the proud grandparents of five beautiful granddaughters.

When not busy working on the railroad and helping raise their four children, Mike found time to run 10K races, marathon races, and participate in triathlons. He also found time to help on local political campaigns. He was active in his Union [UTU, now SMART-Transportation Division] and served 20 years in various union positions. He was encouraged to run for Oregon City Council in 1991. He served as an elected official on the Oregon City Council for over 20 years. In 2013 Mike was appointed to the House of Representatives when Matt Szollosi stepped down.

As a State Representative, Mike has served on various committees, commissions and other important positions. He currently serves on the following:

  • Public Utilities
  • Commerce and Labor
  • Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs
  • Minority leader of the Transportation Committee
  • Ohio Rail Development Commission
  • Great Lakes Legislative Caucus
  • GLLC Executive Board Member
  • House Economic Development Task Force Committee. This Task Force is committed to a safe return to our places of work and a revitalization of Ohio’s economy.

Mike has steadfastly defended workers rights in the Ohio Legislature. While some legislators have proposed so called right to work laws, the Representative and his allies in the Legislature have kept the worker’s right to bargain collectively for fair wages and safe work conditions in the workplace.

Public safety has been a lifelong passion for Representative Sheehy. Mike sponsored a bill, now law, in Ohio that requires motor vehicles to allow three feet distance while passing a bicyclist on public roads. Perhaps no other issue has consumed Mike’s attention more than finding a solution to stop excessive nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) from being deposited in the Maumee River and the Western Basin of Lake Erie. He is also currently on two different committees for the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus dealing with safe drinking water issues.