Rep. Sheehy (D-Oregon) today celebrated the signing into law of House Bill 154, legislation he introduced to improve safety standards for cyclists in Ohio. The bill, which was joint-sponsored by Rep. Michael Henne (R-Clayton) and passed both the House and Senate with broad bipartisan support, was signed by Gov. John Kasich this afternoon.

“This common-sense legislation is so important to the safety of both motorists and cyclists while sharing the road,” said Sheehy. “Several cities and communities have taken the lead on this issue by passing their own bicycle safety laws. This legislation will bring uniformity to our state and undoubtedly make Ohio’s roadways safer for all commuters.”

Under the new law, a motor vehicle must allow at least three feet of space when passing a cyclist on a road. In addition, the legislation allows cyclists at an intersection where the traffic control signal is malfunctioning to follow the same procedures that apply to an intersection directed by stop signs.

HB 154 will now go into effect in 90 days.