Michael Sheehy has a proven track record as an Ohio State Representative, who fights for the citizens of Ohio. Many of the concepts in these issues are incorporated in the Ohio Promise. I wholly endorse the Ohio Promise, which assures that you can live and achieve the American Dream right here in Ohio.

Economic Development

Private enterprise has over time been proven the best economic system in history. Let us ensure that it will serve all Ohioans.

As a result of COVID-19, small businesses are especially vulnerable to failure. I support legislation that will encourage small business success. I will oppose where government over-reach appears to stifle private enterprise. Regulations exist to assure public safety, but they are always subject to legislative scrutiny.


As the wealthiest and most enlightened nation on earth, we must provide the opportunity for affordable health care for all.

I support the expansion of Medicare as a goal which must be achieved by cooperation with both State and Federal Law. The cost of healthcare is too often prohibitive; medical care must be available for all citizens, no matter their age or income.

Free Speech & Right to Assemble

I support the constitutional guarantee of Free Speech and the Right to Peaceably Assemble. I support the goals of Black Lives Matter moment and condemn those trying to high-jack the movement with criminal activity.

Transportation & Public Safety

The transportation systems of Northwest Ohio allow the safe movement of people and goods by land, sea and air.

I encourage Federal and State cooperation in all these enterprises. We must continue to upgrade our critical, but all too often neglected, infrastructure in all modes of transportation.


Public Education has facilitated the growth and expansion of the American Middle Class. Let us work to protect and expand that opportunity.

We must continue to fund our public schools, while also recognizing the right of individuals to opt for other educational opportunities. The goal of education must be to educate all our young people equally. We must not allow the goal of education to be the enrichment of the individuals who operate private schools. Private schools who use public funds to educate their students must be held to the same standards and scrutiny that public schools must adhere to.


Here in Northwest Ohio, we are gifted with abundant fresh water and fertile soil. Protection of our environment is the responsibility of all citizens.

Federal Laws are already in place, and those laws, along with State Regulations must be enforced.

We need to continue building a reliable, diverse energy portfolio for the State of Ohio. This must include Nuclear Energy, which is carbon-free, and encourage the development of renewable energy sources (wind, solar, and hydro-electric). Ohio needs to pursue environmentally friendly sources of energy.

Labor Issues

Workers in Ohio have the legal protection to advocate for better wages and safer working conditions.

I am committed to the protection of workers’ rights in the state of Ohio. Expansion of those rights must include a living wage AND equal pay for equal work [for both men and women]. These rights must be not just encouraged, but must be encoded into law and enforced in fact.

Ohio Promise

The Ohio Promise is an initiative to create opportunities for working people, to strengthen families, strengthen the communities they live in, and to hold government accountable to taxpayers.

The Ohio Promise is commitment to investing in working people here in Ohio by prioritizing pathways to success. Part of the Ohio Promise is investing in education, expanding transit and improving job training.


The Ohio Promise agenda consist of five principals:

  • The American dream can be achieved in Ohio.
    • We passed a bill to invest in job training programs to prepare Ohio workers to compete for tomorrow’s jobs today.
    • Championed reforms to ensure more students graduate college on time and with less debt.
  • If you work hard, you can get ahead.
    • We want to make it easier to start and grow a business in Ohio.
    • We passed bills to streamline the certificate and credential process for Ohio workers, require pay transparency, and strengthen wage and hour protections to ensure you get paid for the hours you work.
    • We voted to cut costly tax loopholes and passed an historic tax cut for working people.
  • Family and community comes first
    • We support family values, but more importantly, we value families.
    • We’ve passed bills to support foster families, improve the health of mothers and babies, connect kinship caregivers with critical resources and create the state’s first ever children’s behavioral health network.
    • Democrats recently started Ohio’s first ever Black Maternal Health Caucus to focus on healthier moms and babies.
  • You can live, work and retire with safety and security.
    • Ohioans deserve to feel safe and secure in their communities at every stage of their lives.
    • We’re working together to reform our broken criminal justice system, combat addiction, reduce prescription drug prices and strengthen workers’ rights, and return more state dollars to local communities for essential services.
  • We work for you.
    • We pledge to go to work for you every day to deliver results.
    • Democrats passed critical legislation to protect Ohio waterways and voted to end failed state takeovers of schools and restore control to local districts.
    • In addition, we made historic investments in public transit and increased funding to rebuild our roads and bridges.

Michael Sheehy Ohio State Representative Career Highlights

Do You Have Questions For Michael Sheehy?

Do you have questions for Michael Sheehy about the issues he is fighting for, the values he brings to Ohio, or how you can help? Please contact him. Unlike other representatives Michael wants to hear you, his constituent. Please feel free to reach out to him.